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The most efficient way to mount solar panels.

Our mounts cost less than $.10 per watt to purchase. That is more than 50% less than standard racking.

The Sol Attach tilted roof mounting system is the most efficient mounting system in the solar industry.  With only one piece to purchase, transport, inventory, and install, you will save time and money.  The sleek design will insure the home owner they have an aesthetically pleasing finished product that is as easy on the eye as it is on the environment.

Save Money

The Sol Attach mount costs as little as $.10 per watt to purchase.  That’s a savings of 50% or more over standard racking systems.  When you include the savings on labor and inventory and shipping, no component on the market can compete.

Better Appearance

While it is the only mounting feet solution on the market to use “traditional” mid and end-clamps, the Sol Attach mount eliminates unsightly nuts and bolts sticking up above the modules with the bolt down design.  This sleek design  removes the fear of being too industrial for the neighborhood.

Safe & Certified

A quality product that is P.E. Certified to ASCE 7-10, ASCE/SEI, 2010 and 2012 IBC for up to 200 mph in 7/16″ OSB. There are no heavy rails to carry and cut and no metal shavings to clean up.  Better load distribution, fewer obstructions, and less weight are features safer for the client’s structure.

New Under-clamp system is even faster

Check out our new under-clamp installation video:

Faster Install

Watch the slideshow below to see installation using Sol Attach compared to traditional racking mount systems.